South Beach Ocean Drive at Night, 1995

This photo comes from a walk on the beach, the camera steadied by placing it on top of one of those sheet-metal equipment boxes the chaise-lounge concessionaires use. This was only about three years after Hurricane Andrew and the dunes hadn’t been built up the way they are now; there was a clear view of Ocean Drive with its Deco and neon.

Technically this isn’t a very good image, particularly as compared to the photos I make now, but I love the way it looks. As this is one of my more frequently stolen images it would appear that other people agree.

Technical Details: Olympus Stylus Zoom film P&S camera with drugstore-brand (Agfa?) color print film.

The South Beach hotel and entertainment district at night in December 1995. This view from the beach is now blocked by palm trees and restored sand dunes. (Jonathan Gewirtz)

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