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August 2011: Visit my new photo site.
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This blog is a partial record of the photographs I have made since about 2001 (a few of the photos are older). The subjects are diverse. I hope that the better images convey a sense of beauty or at least wit.
Site organization: Haphazard. However, over time I copy what I think are the best photos to the Favorites gallery. That's a good place to start browsing. If you want to explore further, all of the photos on this site are accessible by date or theme via the drop-down menus at the upper right of each page (javascript required).
Feel free to contact me at jonathan at gewirtz dot net. Comments are always appreciated. Prints of many of these photos are available -- please inquire. All photos are copyrighted by me and unauthorized use is prohibited; please contact me if you want to license or otherwise use an image.
Thanks for looking.
UPDATE (August 2011): I am posting all of my new work on a new site. Please check it out. I intend to leave this current site up indefinitely, though I may eventually update its software or copy some of its content to my new site. Thanks again to everyone who has visited.
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