It Should Be Possible to Save Your Personalized Camera-Settings to a Memory Card

Reading this post and the responding comments, it’s clear that the Olympus OM-D camera’s menu system is sufficiently complicated that someone who doesn’t already use Olympus products might reasonably hesitate to buy into an Olympus system.

A point that nobody mentions is that once you get the complicated settings on your camera configured for your needs, there’s no way to back up those settings so that you can easily restore them if you inadvertently change something or if you send your camera in for repair. It should be possible to save your camera’s configuration to a memory card as it’s possible to save the configuration settings for your computer’s desktop. I recently sent my Canon S95 in for repair, and of course when I got it back my personalized settings had been wiped and factory defaults restored. Happily, I had written down my settings, but it would have been easier to restore them by importing them from a memory card. And the hassle would be worse for a DSLR with its many more levels of settings.

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