Everglades Foggy Orange Sunrise

There was a period late this winter when the Everglades had frequent ground fog in the early mornings that would burn off after sunrise. The fog was quite pretty in Shark Valley, and also in the sawgrass meadows around Mahogany Hammock in the southern part of Everglades National Park. I went out to Mahogany Hammock a couple of times and got so many nice shots that I had difficulty deciding which ones to use. This image is from one of those sessions.

At the time of year when I took this picture the sun rises behind an elegant row of tall, thin pine trees. The pines, combined with the fog, diffused the reddish sunlight in a very attractive way. This effect may have been heightened by slight overexposure, and perhaps the camera’s sensor is oversensitive to red light, but this is roughly how the light looked to my eye and how the image appeared as it came from the camera, and I like it this way. (I have similar images, taken just before I made this one, in which I clipped the highlights in editing. The clipped pics have a balance of colors and are much more natural looking than the orange images. However, the orange-tinted photos are actually the more accurate representations of how the scene looked to my eye.)

The sun rises behind a pine hammock on a foggy morning in Everglades National Park, Florida. (© 2012 Jonathan Gewirtz / jonathan@gewirtz.net)

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