Brickell Key (Claughton Island) at Dawn

This is a 11141 x 3713 pixel composite panorama that looks great at large size. It shows several of the newer residential condo buildings on Brickell Key, looking towards the Port of Miami and Miami Beach.

Brickell Key is a small man-made island in Biscayne Bay near the mouth of the Miami River. It was unpopulated until the 1980s. Since then it’s been turned into a mixed-use neighborhood with high-end condos, offices and a Mandarin Oriental hotel. For more info about the history of Brickell Key see here and here.

Panoramic view of residential condominium buildings on Miami's Brickell Key (Claughton Island) with the dawn sky, Port of Miami and Miami Beach in the background. (Jonathan Gewirtz)

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