Bad Date

I met this woman online. After some electronic back and forth we agreed to meet for real at a local restaurant. When we found each other I was surprised at how different she looked from her profile photo. She hugged me. I felt a strong aversion to her and wanted to run away but that’s not how I roll. We got a table and ordered drinks. She got something like a martini; I was probably drinking Diet Coke. She spent a lot of time telling me about her ex. Apparently he was a troublesome fellow — unhelpful, domineering, manipulative. The more she talked the more I wondered what his side of the story might sound like.

Fortunately I had my camera. One never knows when a good photo opportunity will materialize. Also, it’s easier to get away with taking pictures during a date than it would be, for example, opening a book and starting to read. Or maybe I am kidding myself.

When they brought our drinks the interplay of artificial-light reflections on the stainless cocktail shaker was quite beautiful. I made several photos without thinking much about it. Now, a few years later, those images bring back a pleasant memory of lovely colored lights and the cheerful atmosphere in the restaurant. My memory of the woman is hazier.

A stainless steel cocktail shaker and drink glass on a restaurant table under subdued colorful light.. (© Jonathan Gewirtz,

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